5 Steps To Live A Happier Life


Who doesn’t want to be happier right? If you’ve been cruising through life in the last few years (or more) and you just feel like there must be more to it than this, then there’s a good chance you aren’t as happy as you could be. There’s a super new field of psychology called “positive psychology”…


Why Focusing On Losing Weight Is Killing Your Weight Loss Efforts


I have been involved in the fitness industry to some extent since 2003, and in that time I have noticed that people generally have changed the following: 1. How they view their bodies; 2. How they view food; and 3. How they view exercise. Now you may be wonder why they hell am I writing…


The Shortcut To Weight Loss


The absolute worst thing about starting your weight loss journey is sifting through all the B.S that’s out there!  Losing weight is damn hard (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!), but its much harder now than it was even 10 years ago. So if there is so much more information out there, what is the…


Why You Shouldn’t Have A Weight Loss Goal


You may have thought that I’ve gone CRAZY! But I’m dead serious.   Your goal should not be to lose [x] amount of lbs in [x] time frame. Now this may go against what you have learned previously.  I used to have weight loss goals like this as well. The problem with having such a goal…


Are You Setting Goals The Right Way?


Most people are absolutely terrible at setting goals.  Are your goals “SMART”? That is, are they: (S)pecific (M)easureable (A)ction based (R)ealistic (T)ime based These are great guidelines for setting goals.  If you aren’t even setting goals for yourself then this is a great starting point. When I ask people what their goals are, they say…


Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Meditation


I always thought meditation was a waste of time. I mean how can just sitting there, doing nothing improve my health or my life for that matter?!!  I’m a very busy person, I always have been and I always will be.  I would rather do something more productive than sit there and do nothing. I…


5 Reasons Why You Can’t Keep The Weight Off


So you’re trying to lose weight and had some great success only to put it back on? That is literally the worst part about trying to lose weight.  There is nothing more demeaning than spending all those hours working out, restricting your diet, and telling all your friends about your amazing plan to lose 20lb…


Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs


Did you know the only energy your brain can use is glucose?  And glucose comes from carbs, however your body can make glucose without you eating any carbs.  The point is that you need carbs and there are good carbs and there are bad carbs.  I’m going to tell you what good carbs are so…


Causes And Cures Of Back Pain


I can tell you from you experience that you don’t truly understand how important your back is until  it hurts.  Every stride you take, every bend you make, everytime you reach, it hurts so bad! Did you know that the most common reason people see a physiotherapist is for back pain? In fact if my…


Do You Hold Yourself Back?


It is often said that we are our own worst enemies.  I think that to a large extent, this is true.  People often hold themselves back from doing great things because being ordinary is so much easier. Things people do to hold themselves back:   1. Stay in their comfort zone 2. Focus on their…


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